Words on books

I’ve been a reader nearly all my life. I’ve always loved the many different stories and all the magic written down on every page. Some nights, I couldn’t go to sleep, because a book kept me awake. And it was amazing.

And after a few years of just reading, I discoverd my love for writing. Imagining all these different stories makes me happy. I’ve written many pages, some are just beginnigs of potential books or some basic ideas, but some of them are a real whole story. And it gives me great pleasure, when I finally write the last word of a magical story.

The most things I read or write are fantasy stories, packed with fairies, wizards, vampires and many more supernatural creature. But the older I became, the more thrillers and psychic novels catched my attention. And discovering this whole new genre is amazing.

Books as a whole are just simply astonishing!

How about you? Are a reader or a writer? Or maybe both like me?


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